Because there wasn’t really such a thing as commercial dog food in Cambodia, we quickly discovered how to make nutritious dog food & treats ourselves - and even learnt how to create super effective treatments for ticks and creepy crawlies you find on your dog in a tropical climate! We soon realised the power of natural, whole-food ingredients.  We quickly became  plant-based eaters ourselves and after much research, we learned that dogs are also able to thrive on a plant-based diet like us – so this is what we fed them.

On returning to the UK with our beloved beagles, we explored the options available to feed our dogs – and we were horrified to learn what went into commercial dog food. We found out the ingredients lists mention unknowns such as “meat and animal derivatives”, which can include things like blood, bone, feathers, embryos and semen! We discovered that ingredients are processed mechanically at high temperatures meaning many nutrients are destroyed in the process, and artificial preservatives are added to provide a long shelf life. We were not convinced this would allow our dogs to remain healthy and thrive. It became clear to us that while we are aware of how our own food choices affect our health, the environment, and the lives of other animals - this was still totally overlooked when it came to feeding our companion animals.

And so, DoGood was born. Working with top canine nutritionists (and a Michelin star chef!), we developed recipes that combine locally sourced, organic plant-based ingredients to provide nutritionally complete meals which nourish our dogs without harming the planet or other animals. Bella & Watson are now thriving in the UK, happier and healthier than ever on their whole foods plant-based diet.

We are now on a mission to disrupt the meat-based dog food industry, which we believe is totally unsustainable for the future of our pets and planet.  Through education and empowerment, our ambition is to sustainably nourish all of the dogs in the UK, one plant-based bowl at a time.

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"working with top canine nutritionists, we developed locally sourced, organic whole foods which would be nutritionally complete and nourish our dogs without harming the planet or other animals."

our values

we're in
this together

This is our World to share. We’re in this together and we truly care! The actions we take affect everyone and everything, and we believe that positivity is contagious.

to thrive

Life is about so much more than merely surviving. We strive to create great products and deliver them in a sustainable way to allow our planet, and every creature on it, to truly thrive.


We take responsibility for our actions. We’re aware of our impact and make conscious and informed decisions. For the health of our pets, and for the planet we live on.

make progress

We move with purpose and act with intent. In doing so, we try to change the world a little bit every day. Sustainable change, and impact that lasts.

be courageous

We make bold decisions and challenge the way things are done. We go against the grain. If people say it is impossible or won’t work, we do it anyway.

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