account & subscriptions

do I have to subscribe?
Our flexible subscription brings a number of benefits including free shipping with every order, and not having to keep an eye on when you’re running low on food. We’ll let you know in advance when your next order is due and you have full control to delay, pause or cancel your subscription anytime. If a subscription is not for you, then of course you can order boxes through our website without one.
can I pause, cancel or amend my subscription?
We understand that no two months are ever the same, so of course you have full flexibility to pause, cancel or amend the schedule of your subscription. Simply log into your account and click 'Manage Subscription'.
how do I update my personal or payment details?
Simply log into your account and click 'View Addresses' or 'Manage Subscription' to edit your details here.
what payment options are available?
We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay.
is it safe to pay on your website?
Absolutely! Your online purchase through our website is guarded with the highest level of security certification. Look out for the SSL Secure Shopping logo during check out for peace of mind.


how much is delivery?
Delivery is £7.50 which includes an insulated box with ice packs to keep your dog's food fresh. Delivery is free with a flexible subscription.
where do you deliver to?
Mainland UK
how often do you deliver?
We typically deliver twice per week, on a Wednesday & Friday. Please order by midnight Monday for delivery on Wednesday, or by midnight Wednesday for delivery on Friday – otherwise your first delivery will take place the following week.

Subscription orders will then be delivered on the weekly anniversary of your order - ranging from between 1 - 8 weeks, depending on how you set up your flexible subscription.
when will my delivery arrive?
We send all our parcels via a next day service, ensuring they arrive within 24 hours of leaving our freezer. Typically deliveries arrive between 8am – 5pm, and you will be given a 1 hour time slot on the morning of your delivery. Once your box arrives, pop the food in the freezer - leaving one or two out to defrost and feed!
do I need to be in?
You don’t have to be in to receive your delivery - your dog’s food will arrive in an insulated box with ice packs which will keep the food fresh. As soon as you do get home make sure you pop them in the freezer.  Don't worry, if the food is defrosted it is safe to re-freeze as long as it is still cold. If the food is warm to the touch or If you have any delivery issues or other concerns please contact us at as soon as possible.
my box has arrived damaged, what do I do?
Please contact us at within 24 hours of receiving your box with a description and photographs of the box or its contents. We understand damage does sometimes occur through no fault of your own, and we will do our best to rectify this for you.
what if I need to change my delivery day?
Please contact us at in advance of your delivery, and we will do our best to organise this for you.

We cater for many of our subscription customers with delivery on a particular day of the week that suits them.
how do I change my delivery address?
Simply log into your account and click 'View Addresses' and then 'Edit' to update your details
my delivery hasn’t arrived, what do I do?
Please contact us at and we will rectify this for you. Don’t forget to check your safe place and neighbours in case your delivery has been left there!

our plant-based food

how do I store the food?
We freeze our recipes to preserve all the essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Simply store them in your freezer at home, then defrost as and when you need them so that your dog can enjoy them fresh. They will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.
how much freezer space do I need?
The contents of our big value box will fit comfortably in one freezer drawer, and our regular boxes will take up around 3/4 of a draw in your freezer
can I defrost in the microwave?
It’s tough to be organised 100% of the time - we feel your pain. The trays are microwave safe, so if you’ve forgotten to defrost one in advance, the meals can be defrosted in the microwave.
can I heat the food?
Dogs experience food primarily through their sense of smell, and heating their food slightly will help to release aromas and make it more appetising. We cook all of our meals prior to delivery, but these can be warmed up again in the microwave. We think our buckwheat recipe smells like sandwiches!
can my dog eat a plant-based diet?
Yes indeed - studies show that dogs can not only survive, but thrive on a plant-based diet, providing it is nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced. That's because dogs (along with all species) require specific nutrients, rather than specific ingredients - meaning everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy can come entirely from plants!

Check out our Ask The Experts Page and head over to our Blog for more information and links to studies.
how do I transition my dog to dogood food?
Moving your dog to a fresh, nutritionally dense food from other types of dog food which have been processed at high temperatures with artificial colourings & preservatives, is best done in stages to give your dog’s stomach time to adapt.

Start with feeding your dog a small amount of DoGood food mixed in with what they're currently eating – say 10% (a spoonful or two) on the first day. You can gradually increase this amount each day over the course of a week until they are happily transitioned over. If your dog has an upset stomach then it's often a sign that they need to take things a little slower – every dog is different so it’s totally fine to take things at their pace.
how much does my dog need to eat?
Every dog has different calorie requirements based on their breed, age, activity levels, etc. Feeding guidelines are shown on the sleeve of each tray, as well as on our website alongside each recipe. DoGood food uses real, whole food ingredients and doesn’t contain any fillers – when transitioning, be aware that they may need to eat slightly less than they did of their previous food. It’s always best to monitor your dog’s weight and body shape to work out how much food naturally suits them over time.
is the food nutritionally complete?
Yes! DoGood food has been developed with qualified canine nutritionists to ensure that all of our recipes comply with European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) guidelines for a complete and balanced diet.

But we don’t stop there – our recipes contain enhanced levels of phytonutrients, omega-3’s, natural antioxidants and prebiotics that we know to be so beneficial to dog’s health and wellbeing - none which are mentioned in the FEDIAF requirements.

Our food is also cooked by hand in a commercial kitchen, rather than processing mechanically at a factory, and we use the optimal method of cooking for each ingredient to ensure those important nutrients are retained.
does the food contain enough protein?
It certainly does. In terms of protein, dogs require ten amino acids - the building blocks of the proteins themselves. Our recipes have been uniquely formulated to give the exact amino acid profile that dogs need – all thanks to our canine nutritionists, and the power of plants! In fact, you’ll find our food contains the same or more protein than other leading brands!
can I feed your food alongside my current dry kibble?
Absolutely! Our food is nutritionally complete so can be fed on its own, half & half with any existing food your dog currently eats, or even as a nutritionally-dense topper.
is the food suitable for puppies or pregnant bitches?
No – at present our food is only suitable for adult dogs.
is dogood vegan?
Yes, all of our recipes and packaging are 100% vegan :)
where do you source the ingredients?
We work with a local fruit & veg supplier in South East England and source our ingredients in the UK wherever possible. Certain ingredients which are not seasonal or currently grown in the UK are sourced from within the EU.
is dogood food organic?
DoGood food contains organic ingredients and these are shown on the label and on our website next to the recipes.
where is dogood food made?
DoGood food is made in a commercial kitchen in the UK - headed up by a Michelin Star chef who helped develop our cooking processes!
why do you add supplements to your food?
Unlike us humans, dogs typically eat the same or similar foods every day, which make it difficult for them to achieve a balanced diet. By formulating a diet that incorporates both nature and science, we make sure dogs get complete nutrition in every meal - and supplements play an essential role in this. We only supplement with ingredients that are beneficial to your dog’s health – such as natural antioxidants to reduce inflammation, prebiotics to help maintain intestinal health, taurine for heart health and L-carnitine to help break down body fat.
does your food contain artificial preservatives, flavours or colours?
None whatsoever – and we’re super proud of this!
do your recipes contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)?
Definitely not!
do any of your recipes contain soy?
are your recipes gluten-free and grain-free?
All of our recipes are gluten free. Our Quinoa & Sweet Potato recipe does contain oats – these are whole grains that avoid gluten and offer an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre- with the added bonus that they have a low glycemic index, meaning they curb blood sugar spikes and promote heart health.

Whilst we are on the subject, you might be interested to know that quinoa and buckwheat are not actually grains but are types of seed!
is dogood food hypoallergenic?
Yes, our food is hypoallergenic in that it contains no known allergens. The most common allergens for dogs include beef, dairy, egg, chicken, lamb, pork, rabbit, and fish – another great advantage of plant-based food!

The recipes are made in a kitchen where allergens may be present.
do you use fillers?
None at all – our recipes are all made using real, whole food ingredients – with nothing used to ‘bulk out’ the ingredients list – only ingredients that serve a purpose in nourishing your dog.
how is the food made?
We cook our food in a commercial kitchen, just like human food - no factory or large mechanical processing equipment in sight! We make sure the optimal method is used to retain the maximum amount of nutrients in each ingredient – so for example, we steam our kale and we boil our sweet potato.

sustainability & environment

why are you sustainable compared with other dog foods?
We put sustainability at the heart of our business – we base all of our decisions on whether they contribute towards a sustainable circular economy. This affects our choices on every little detail such as what inks we use on our cardboard sleeves, what tape we use to seal our boxes, to whether the cardboard itself has come from a sustainable source.

However, the overarching reason for our sustainability comes down to the protein source in our food. With the predominantly meat-based pet food industry now emitting more greenhouse gases each year than entire countries such as Mozambique and the Philippines, and an area twice the size of the UK now needed just to feed the world’s pets, mounting pressure is being put on our global food system - which clearly isn’t sustainable. Our plant-based pet food will use 20 times less land and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-60 times compared with food that is meat-based. Check out our Ask The Experts page and head over to our Blog for further information.
who delivers dogood food?
Our delivery partner is FedEx, who have been working on more sustainable solutions to their operations for several decades. FedEx uses a Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize approach to guide their environmental efforts across the enterprise.

More information can be found here -
can I recycle dogood packaging?
Yes, everything delivered to you is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable!
can I return the leftover packaging?
Yes you can!

Keep hold of the leftover insulation and ice packs and drop us an email when you have a box full - we'll send you a return label with your next order and even book in collection of the box from your address to send back to our team to use again!

For one-off orders, we have an option to send a single box back at checkout - just click "Shipping includes Return Label for Recycling Box, Insulation & Ice Packs".

Your box will then be sent with a return label, so when you've taken out all the delicious food just seal it back up, pop the return label over the original shipping label, and take it down to your nearest FedEx location - or contact us to arrange a pickup from your address. This will send it back to our team who will make sure it is re-used!

If you prefer to send it back yourself, your nearest FedEx return location can be found here:
what is your packaging made from?
Our food containers are made from sugarcane pulp – the stalk residue remaining after the sugar has been extracted from the cane which would otherwise be burnt. Instead, it has been made into containers for our food which are fully curbside recyclable (remember to clean off any excess food!) and compostable.

Our container sleeves and cardboard boxes are made from certified FSC cardboard, which ensure and promote the endorsement of sustainable forestry practices, and are fully curbside recyclable and compostable.

We seal our boxes with DoGood paper tape, which is fully recyclable and compostable (a cardboard box covered in plastic tape is not easily recycled and often won’t be!)
what is your insulation made of?
Our insulation is upcycled from the fashion industry - predominantly made from the off-cuts and waste produced during denim manufacturing.

Produced within a circular supply chain, we have diverted this material from landfill and given it a new life as insulation. The additional advantage of this is that the amount of energy, water, and dye use is reduced from using a product that has already been processed.

The covering around the insulation is 100% recyclable, and the insulation itself is home compostable, but is also food safe and hygienic - can you find a creative way to give it a third life?
what are the ice packs made from?
Our ice packs are made with plastic recovered from the ocean! This not only helps preserve the natural habitats of our aquatic friends, but also produces a 5x lower carbon footprint.

These are super handy for re-using in the likes of cool boxes. Otherwise they can be cut open and the water used to water plants, with the outer plastic being 100% curbside recyclable.
what’s the difference between compostable and biodegradable?
We have made sure that all of our relevant packaging is compostable, as well as being biodegradable – there is a big difference!

If something is biodegradable, it will eventually break down into smaller and smaller pieces by natural processes – this means it could take anything from 6 months to 1,000 years to break down. This means that, technically, almost any product can be labelled ‘biodegradable’ because most things will break down at some point in the future – even some conventional plastics will eventually break down in to smaller, sometimes toxic, microplastics which can end up in our oceans. So the term biodegradable can be misleading and biodegradable materials are not necessarily compostable.

On the other hand, compostable materials are materials that have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass) that will not harm the environment, given the right conditions – meaning they WILL break down and they WILL disappear completely! Reusing and recycling should always be the preferred option, but it will be reassuring to know if this isn’t possible for you, our products are not only biodegradable but are compostable.
is your company vegan?
Yes, our company is 100% vegan in everything that we do :)

We believe in a world where all animals not only survive but thrive, and where healthy pets do not compromise a healthy planet.

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